The Terra Marique

Just as a heavy lift barge such as the Terra Marique is designed with the latest technology not only to preform unique transportation and delivery functions, but also to maximise the utilization of UK and European ports, rivers and inland waterways.

Owned by Robert Wynn and Sons Ltd, the Terra Marique is a towed sea-going barge. Designed to handle abnormal individual Loads from specialized trailers by Ro-Ro or from inland barges using the integral semi-submersible capability, the Terra Marique can deliver or receive loads via existing infrastructure, riverbanks, or via beach landing. From a design standpoint, it’s quite literally the very best of both worlds. Created to fully maximize the use of European and UK ports, river and inland waterways, the Terra Marique can cover a lot of distance in an amazingly efficient fashion.

Let’s see what makes this vessel so special:

* It has the ability to submerge partially, allowing it to “piggyback” / transport smaller vessels.

* Her specially constructed hull allow the craft to beach land with a minimal amount of on-site preparation.

* Privately-owned and financed

* The Terra Marique’s hydraulic roadway and ballast system allows the vessel to offload on a diverse array of riverbanks and of varying quay heights.

* The Terra Marique can serve a multitude of different uses, including acting as a dry dock or ship lift for smaller vessels.

* It’s an ideal platform for PR, filming, concerts, and advertising-related events.

It’s multipurpose usage and inherent design attributes takes the notion of a simple heavy equipment transporting boat to unheralded new heights. Sure, it can function as a heavy equipment transporting boat or barge wonderfully, but it’s also so much more just as flawlessly.


An aside: My uncle worked for a number of years as a part time Barge Master for Robert Wynn and Sons who owns the Terra Marique and the Inland Navigator which operate in UK and European coastal water and within the UK commercial inland waterway network. He was proud of his work asa MCA Tier 1 Level 2 Boatmaster (BML). A Tier 1 Boatmaster license is for bigger vessels navigating in more challenging waters. My uncle gained his experience the old fashion way by serving as crew on a commercial vessel for some time where the skipper allowed him to operate the vessel occasionally and learn the trade. This experience was then recorded in a Training Record Book, (TRB), and eventually signed off by another Boatmaster or the vessel owner. During this period my uncle also learned the various legalities of skippering a vessel known as Underpinning Knowledge. This process took many years but he says now-a-days it can be shortened by having specific instruction from an existing commercial boat operation or via formal training. But he feels that having trained over a longer period of time he actually acquired much more hands on experience which is often more valuable. When he comes to visit me in the US, I love listening to his stories about some really harrowing experiences he had as a barge master. On his most recent visit to NY where I live, he came with me to Royal Pools & Spas where I had bought my above ground pool and hot spa for my back yard. Fortunately the Royal Pools & Spas hot tubs hudson valley location is relatively close by. I went in to get a new robotic pool cleaner. My uncle ended up talking with the sales rep for a really long time about boats such as heavy lift barges. Apparently the sales rep has an uncle who works for Heerema Marine Contractors in the Gulf of Mexico on a dual crane vessel. Small world, is all I can say.


Explore our site further to get an even more detailed look at this amazing innovation / integration of maritime heavy duty equipment transporting and cutting-edge technology. Peek under her hull for a while to see what she can really do. As well, on this site, you’ll find all sorts of information as it relates to heavy duty equipment transporting.

It is essential to confirm with owners of the vessel’s suitability for use in connection with any particular movement or job. Looking for a heavy equipment transporting boat? You can find more information about the Terra Marique for hire. To inquire about renting the Terra Marique for your equipment transporting, dry dock or PR event needs, just go to:

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Ship info

IMO number 9281384
Name of the ship TERRA MARIQUE
Type of ship CARGO BARGE
MMSI 235039536
Gross tonnage 2786 tons
DWT 1425 tons
Year of build 2004
Flag U.K.
Manager & owner WYNN & SONS – STAFFORD, U.K.